Orthopaedic research and training



The Research Co-ordinator, Sports Medicine and Knee Fellow and Surgeons work together as a multi-disciplinary team to investigate specific orthopaedic questions relating to the Surgeons’ clinical practice. This research allows informed decision making regarding patient treatment.

The research team also work closely with Surgical and Orthopaedic Research Laboratories from UNSW, Queensland University of Technology and School of Human Movement Studies from the University of Queensland.



  • Soft tissue graft fixation in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction.
  • The pattern of movement of the Total Knee Replacement prothesis post-operatively.
  • Immediate post-operative pain relief after Unilateral and Bilateral Total Knee Replacement.
  • Meniscal preservation and meniscal repair failure.
  • Improved Shoulder Reconstruction for the professional and semi-professional athlete.
  • Energy expenditure pre and post Total Knee Arthroplasty.
  • Clinical follow up of Meniscal Transplant.
  • Clinical follow up of High Tibial Osteotomy.



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